How to Configure Netscape 7.x
to Send and Receive E-Mail


1. Open Netscape


2. Select  the Window Menu.


3. Click the Yes button if you are asked: Do you want to use Netscape 7.x as the default mail application?


Note:  If  this is your first time running Netscape Mail, you may see the screen shots beginning with step number 6.


4. Across  the top of the standard tool bar click the Edit menu and  choose Mail and Newsgroup Settings.


5. On the  Mail & Newsgroup account settings window, click the Add Account Button.


6. The Account Wizard should begin and the default option E-mail Account should be selected. Click the Next button.


7. The Account Wizard will now ask for your Identity. Fill in your name and your full e-mail address. Click the Next button.


8. The Account Wizard will now ask for you Server Information. Select POP. In the Incoming Server field, type  In the Outgoing Server field, type  Click Next.


9. The Account Wizard will ask you for your Incoming User Name.  If this is already filled in, click Next. If not, enter your username, and then click Next. Your username is the first  part of your E-mail address in front of


10. The  Account Wizard will ask for your Account Name. If this is already filled in, click the Next button. Otherwise, enter  your full E-mail address. Click Next.


11. The  Account Wizard will congratulate you on your success of setting up the E-mail account. It will also provide you an opportunity to  review your selections. If you see any items in error, click the Back button until you come upon the item that needs changing.  Otherwise, click Finish.


You have successfully created an E-mail account for Netscape 7.x.  Click  the OK button to return to the program.

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