Alcohol License Department

City of Camilla
30 E. Broad Street ~ P.O. Box 328
Camilla, Georgia 31730
Phone: (229) 330-2317 ~ Fax: (229) 330-2230

Department Staff:

Charles Kelly – Building Department Administrator

Carla Irvin – Code Enforcement Official

Tekla Sellars – Secretary

Before a business can be approved for an alcohol beverage license, contact with the Planning and Zoning Department to ensure location is in the correct zoning district is required. All businesses selling and serving malt beverages and wine in the City of Camilla are required to obtain an alcohol license. Licenses are issued for January 1st through December 31st, renewed each year, and issued in accordance with the regulations and requirements outlined in the City of Camilla Code of Ordinances, Title 9, Chapter 2, Alcoholic Beverages.

The application requires a public hearing before the City Council and all information contained in the application shall be published in the official newspaper of the city, once a week for four consecutive weeks immediately preceding the week in which the meeting to act upon the application shall be held. The public hearing date is set after all inspections and investigations are complete.

In all cases, businesses must also obtain a State Alcohol License through the Georgia Department of Revenue.

ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) Card
All persons employed at an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in the City of Camilla are required to have a permit to sell or dispense alcoholic beverages. The application process includes filing an application with the associated fee, a statement that applicant has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude, fingerprint processing, and issuance of a photo identification card (ABC Card) for qualified applicants. The ABC Card expires after four years from date of issuance and is required to be carried at all times while on the job. The card is non-transferable from one establishment to another establishment. Applications are available in the Customer Service Department at City Hall. The processing fee for the application is $40.

To report underage alcohol violations (24-hours a day), please call the Camilla Police Department at (229) 336-2201, the Georgia Department of Revenue (877) CHECK-ID (1-877-243-2543) or e-mail:

The information presented on this website is not all-inclusive and is not a substitute for the Code of Ordinances for the City of Camilla or applicable sections of the Zoning Ordinance. You are encouraged to contact a representative of the Alcohol License Department at (229) 330-2317 for information specific to your business.



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