How to Publish Your Own Homepage

1. Design your homepage. A homepage allows you to have a 24 hour presence on the Internet. Homepage creation can be extremely complex and is beyond the scope of this document, but many programs, books, and sites on the Internet are available on the subject. For your convenience, we have provided several links below to HTML editors which you may download for free. These are only a few of the HTML editors available, and there are literally thousands of pages on the Internet which provide information about creating and publishing web pages. A few examples are:

2. Acquire an FTP client.
You will need FTP software in order to upload your web pages to the server. There are many free FTP programs available over the Internet. One to try is Core FTP.

3. Setup your FTP software for file transfer. After you have completed installation, start your FTP program (you must be dialed into in order to move files from your computer to your homepage directory). Depending on the type of FTP software that you installed, you will need to create a new Profile and enter the following information before transferring files:

    Host Type: Automatic Detect
    User ID: enter your user name
    Password: enter your login password

4. Move your homepage files from your home PC to your home directory on the web server.

5. Check your files by browsing to them. The URL for your homepage will be username/your filename. Note: Please keep in mind that any files posted in your homepage directory account may be visible to anyone browsing the web.



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