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CAMILLA, GEORGIA, JUNE 14 — Chief Hendricks along with Assistant Chief Casterline and Certification Manager Brittany Marshall received high honors last night during the City Council meeting.

After three long years of work, the Camilla Police Department completed the State of Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program. This program which is not required by the state, but voluntarily chosen to complete, provides a progressive and time-proven way of helping law enforcement agencies calculate and improve their overall performance.

Under the guidance of Chief Hendricks and Assistant Chief Casterline, Certification Manager Brittany Marshall led the certification process for the Camilla Police Department. Certification has multiple steps that requires a lot of time and dedication to complete. Our police department already had great policy and procedures in place giving them a jump start on certification.

Benefits of this certification include the following:

  • Confirmation that agency practices follow progressive professional strategy
  • Greater operational and administrative effectiveness
  • Enhanced understanding of agency policies and practices
  • Greater public confidence in the agency
  • Recognition in the field of outstanding achievement
  • Reduced liability potential and insurance cost
  • Greater governmental and community support

Our officers trained diligently each day on the core foundation of this certification. Those principles include professionalism, operational guidance, positive community support, transparency, ethical conduct, and liability protection.  By following these professional standards our officers can hold their head high and proudly display this notable achievement throughout our city on their uniforms and patrol cars.

Georgia is the only state to have a certification program like this for law enforcement. There are only a little over 100 law agencies in the state that have completed this huge accomplishment. What a privilege to say our Camilla Police Department is among those agencies.

Officer Marshall was also presented with a Certification of Appreciation for her dedication and efforts to the State of Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program as a Certification Manager.

The City of Camilla, a full service city, offers a wide range of services to its citizens that requires the expertise and talent of a diverse workforce

If you would like more information about the certification program, please visit the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police website at www.gachiefs.com/state-certification/.