City of Camilla
30 E. Broad Street ~ P.O. Box 328
Camilla, Georgia 31730
Phone: (229) 330-2316 ~ Fax: (229) 330-2230

Code Enforcement Officer: Kelvin Stubbs


The City of Camilla Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing property maintenance codes throughout the corporate limits of Camilla. Code enforcement provides for the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of law and ensures owners maintain their property which helps protect the health, safety and welfare of our community and citizens. The enforcement of codes has a direct impact on preserving the livability and property values of Camilla’s neighborhoods and demonstrates the City of Camilla is a progressive local government.

Areas of enforcement throughout the city limits includes:
  • Lot/property clean up;
  • Property maintenance and violation enforcement
  • Sign ordinance enforcement
  • Illegal dumping/dumpsites
  • Abandoned/junk vehicles
  • Lawn maintenance violations; overgrown, littered lots
  • Dilapidated, open, and vacant buildings/structures
  • Other deficiencies which render properties substandard or unsafe to its occupants or the general public.